03 Dec 2015, 11:47

The Eagle Has Landed

The year was 1984. Apple Macintosh was just introduced, as well as our own shiny new computer called “Orao” (Eagle). It ended up being chosen as a standard primary school computer in Croatia from 1985 to 1991. For many of us, kids back then, this was one of the first opportunities to ever use a computer. Simple and rudimentary by today’s standards, Orao was brilliantly designed to avoid using specialized components - only simple TTL logic and off-the-shelf parts were used.

I wanted to write a cross-platform emulator, and after making one in Python, decided to go a step further and port it to Javascript. This is perhaps the most convenient way to use it, even though not all features were ported. To invoke BASIC, enter “BC” after booting. It can fetch one of the available tape images as .wav files via AJAX and load them. Loading takes time, computers were slow back then. :-)

For a slightly more complete version, check the Python version, but if you just want a quick dose of nostalgia - HERE it is!

TL;DR: enter BC at the * (star) prompt, press ENTER when asked about the memory size and try one of the following:

LMEM "TETRIS" (start with LNK4096)

Double quotes = shift + 2. To erase something, use ctrl + H or left arrow.